2019 Survey

The Wellbeing Assessment is administered as an online survey each spring at universities across the country. If you are interested in having your institution participate and want more information, read on to learn more about the survey and how to get involved. If you are ready to enroll, go ahead and request to register!

“We presented data to our staff today, and they were very excited about what it means for our programming!” Becky Starkenburg, Vice President for Student Life, Trinity Christian College

Who is surveyed?

Undergraduate students at 4-year colleges and universities are invited to take the survey.  The questions (or “items”) are tailored toward traditionally aged, full-time enrolled undergraduate students. 

What kinds of questions are asked?

In addition to demographics and background information, students who take the survey are asked about wellbeing pathways and outcomes for each of the Wellbeing Dimensions and other important components and correlates of wellbeing.

How is the survey administered?

The Wellbeing Assessment team at Wake Forest University partners with colleges and universities across the country to administer the survey to undergraduate students at those institutions.  The survey is administered online and takes about 25 minutes to complete.

What do participating institutions receive?

  • Customization of the survey through the addition of modules, custom questions, and links to direct students to campus-specific wellbeing resources
  • Personalized wellbeing feedback for students based on their survey responses, including information on building wellbeing skills and links to on-campus resources
  • Data & reports for comparison to the aggregate of respondents from all participating institutions, as well as peer institutions
  • Scholarships for attendance at our Summer Learning Collaborative

How much does it cost?

Generous grant funding will allow the 2019 survey to be administered at no cost for one final year.

How do I get involved?

We are currently seeking partner institutions for enrollment in the Spring 2019 administration of the Wellbeing Assessment survey.  Learn more about how to participate.

Registration for the 2020 Wellbeing Assessment survey will open in the fall of 2019