How to Participate

Your institution’s participation in the Wellbeing Assessment survey involves the following:

  1. Deciding if the Wellbeing Assessment survey is a good fit for your institution
  2. Registering your institution for the Wellbeing Assessment survey
  3. Partnering with the Wellbeing Assessment team in administering the survey at your school
  4. Receiving your data and summary reports
  5. Collaborating (if you choose) by attending the Summer Learning Collaborative and more

Deciding if the Wellbeing Assessment survey is a good fit

Prior to registering for the Wellbeing Assessment survey, you may need to learn more about the assessment and your university’s needs to make sure it’s a good fit for your university at this time.

Start out by learning about the Wellbeing Assessment and the survey administration and sharing this information with others on your team.

Often, there is someone at your university who needs to be notified if you plan to distribute a large survey like this one. You should reach out to this person. They can help you identify a time in your university’s assessment calendar to distribute the survey in the spring.   If you have no idea who this would be, a great place to start would be asking someone in institutional research or assessment at your school.  You can use these helpful talking points to guide your conversations.

Registering for the Wellbeing Assessment survey

This is a brief overview of the registration process.  If you are in the process of registering, please reference the detailed registration instructions.

Once you are ready to enroll your institution for the survey, you will first request to register. Within 1 business day, a unique registration form link will be sent to the email address provided.  This unique link allows the person filling out the form to leave and return to the form as many times as necessary until they’ve completed it.

Please note that registration must be completed by the deadline of the registration window that corresponds to your chosen survey open date (this deadline will be at least 3 weeks prior to your open date). 

There are several steps to completing the registration form, which are listed below. Clicking on a step will navigate you to a portion of the registration instructions containing more detailed information on that step.

Before you submit your form, you will have a chance to review your responses and revise them as needed.  You can also download a copy of your responses for your records.

Administration of the survey at your institution

The Wellbeing Assessment team customizes your survey and communications and distributes the survey on your behalf.  There are several ways that you partner with us in that process:

Review & approve your customizations

We customize your survey and communications according to the information you provide in the registration form and send the customized materials for your review.  The materials include any custom items and your email invitations.  You will review and provide approval at least 1 week before your survey open date.  We are happy to work with you to make changes and fix errors.

Submit your contact list

This is a brief overview.  If you are in the process of submitting your contact list, please reference the detailed registration instructions.

For your convenience, the Wellbeing Assessment team distributes the survey for you. To this end, you will provide an excel spreadsheet containing student email addresses (via secure upload) and we will use our system to distribute the survey to your students. 

Once you have been added to our IRB application as a non-engaged partner, we will notify you and request that you submit your contact list. You will submit your contact list at least 1 week prior to your survey open date

Promote the survey on your campus

You can improve the survey response rate by promoting the survey on your campus.  You can do this by sending informational emails, sharing about the survey in newsletters, posting flyers, etc.  While the survey is open at your school, the Wellbeing Assessment team will provide updates on survey participation rates so you can assess your promotional needs and effectiveness.

For your convenience, we have put together flyers you can edit and share. 

Distribute any incentives you offered

As outlined in the registration instructions, you can choose to offer students at your school incentives for survey participation.  If you chose to do so, the Wellbeing Assessment team will send you a randomized list of participant emails once the survey has closed at your school.  You should use these emails to distribute any incentives within 3 weeks of the survey closing at your school.

Receiving your data & reports

Once the survey closes at your school, you will ultimately receive reports and a data set.  In 2019, we will offer interactive reports for the first time.  These are still in development, so detailed information on the features and timeline is not yet available.

Ongoing collaboration

Your participation does not have to end with receiving your data.  The Wellbeing Collaborative provides ongoing opportunities for collaboration and support.  Institutions who participate in the Wellbeing Assessment survey are eligible to receive scholarship support for attendance at a Summer Learning Collaborative, which provides training in interpreting and applying Wellbeing Assessment data, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other participating institutions.  In addition to attending an SLC and exploring other ways to stay involved, you are always welcome to contact the Wellbeing Assessment team with questions about your data.

Registration for the 2020 Wellbeing Assessment survey will open in the fall of 2019