December 8th 1:30-5:00pm

Advancing Wellbeing Equity as a Health Promoting University

Picture of Dr. Rebecca Kennedy, credentials, link to full bio        Ledbetter headshot with bio link

Health Promoting Universities across the globe take a salutogenic approach to wellbeing with a focus on systems, policy, and the intentional creation of supportive environments.  The approach is an interdisciplinary, whole university, settings approach with a focus on sustainability, social justice, equity and health.  The Okanagan Charter and the HPU movement provide a guide for US institutions to take a new approach to advancing equity on campus.  Presenters will offer case studies on how their universities each formally adopted the Okanagan Charter in addition to how they are utilizing it to advance equity on their campuses.

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Registration is limited to the first 150 participants, so our breakout sessions have ample space for dialogue. We’re grateful to our co-host, the Office of Wellbeing at WFU, for helping to plan and produce this webinar series and appreciate the sponsorship support from WFU’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Slavery, Race, and Memory Project.

Learning Outcomes for Participants
  • Be able to explain the basic components of a health promoting university (HPU)
  • Learn about the three pillars of the Okanagan Charter
  • Learn the steps needed in an institution-wide ‘upstream’ approach to equity and social justice in higher education
  • Be able to discuss multiple ways in which two HPUs in the US are advancing equity and social justice utilizing a systems-level approach
  • Be aware of tools and resources available to assist in advancing equity and social justice on campus.