November 10th 1:30-5:00pm

Creating a Culture of Wellbeing for BIPOC Students

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During this presentation, speakers will discuss strategies they have implemented on their respective campuses, as well as a facilitating conversation regarding the makeup of current wellbeing assessments and the impact on BIPOC. Furthermore, this presentation will introduce a draft framework for creating a culture of wellbeing for BIPOC students regardless of institutional type.

We’re grateful to our co-host, the Office of Wellbeing at WFU, for helping to plan and produce this webinar series and appreciate the sponsorship support from WFU’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Slavery, Race, and Memory Project.

Learning Outcomes for Participants
  • Identify different strategies of implementing wellbeing for BIPOC students
  • Articulate the impact of institutional culture and climate on the wellbeing of BIPOC students
  • Review and assess a new proposed framework for creating a culture of wellbeing for BIPOC students.