October 13th 1:00-4:30pm

Dismantling the Inherent Privilege of Self Care


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The current understanding and practice of mainstream self-care is rooted in privilege, capitalism, and colonialism. Self-care is often presented as an individualistic approach to supporting one person’s mental health. Self-care alone fails to acknowledge a) the overlapping systems of oppression that affect well-being and b) the role of community care. Collectively, we will dismantle self-care through exploration of anti-oppression framework(s), Trauma Stewardship, The Healing Justice Framework, and Community Cultural Wealth.

We’re grateful to our co-host, the Office of Wellbeing at WFU, for helping to plan and produce this webinar series and appreciate the sponsorship support from WFU’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Slavery, Race, and Memory Project.

Learning Outcomes 
  • Identify three ways in which the culture of self-care is inaccessible to oppressed communities.
  • Describe three community care frameworks.
  • Identify five resources from long oppressed communities (Black and Indigenous peoples) which would assist in centering the voices of oppressed communities in higher education.