Our Team

Our leadership team reflects the collaborative nature of the project, with input from multiple departments.

Leadership Team:

  • Nicole Brocato, PhD, Director, Wellbeing Assessment
  • Penny Rue, PhD, Vice President for Campus Life
  • Eranda Jayawickreme, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Malika Roman Isler, PhD, Assistant Vice President Inclusive Practice & former Director of Wellbeing
  • Andy Chan, MBA, Vice President, Innovation and Career Development
  • Philip Handwerk, PhD, Director, Institutional Research
  • John H. Pryor, MA, Pryor Educational Insights

The project team, led by Nicole Brocato, oversees the survey implementation and research efforts. The project team and the and staff members of WFU’s wellbeing initiative, Thrive, are working together to ensure that the survey dovetails with programming.

Project Team:


The Wellbeing Collaborative was founded with a gift from the Reynolds American Foundation to develop the Wellbeing Assessment. The project has also received funding from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to help us continue developing the Wellbeing Assessment and begin developing intervention research.