External Sites

This page contains links to external sites for measures, programs, and other resources we love. The sites are loosely categorized and sorted alphabetically. Know of something that would be a good addition? Let us know!

Other Large-Scale Measures

Most of these websites also provide extensive programming and research resources.
  1. Culturally Engaged Campus Environments (campus climate survey from Indiana University)
  2. Healthy Minds (mental health)
  3. HEDS Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey
  4. HERI/CIRP surveys (from UCLA; student and faculty engagement; they also have a campus climate survey called the Diverse Learning Environments)
  5. National College Health Assessment III (physical and mental health, with added wellbeing topics)
  6. NSSE surveys (from Indiana University; student and faculty engagement)
  7. Thriving Quotient (wellbeing)


Learning Resources