2018 National Report on Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum Student Experience

Brocato, Nicole Apr 28, 2019
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Our brilliant friends at ACHA recently shared the 2018 National Report on Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum Student Experience with us. This link will take you to a webinar and a link to a white paper.

Per the study description:

Combined, these analyses included the responses of 66,208 queer-spectrum students and 6,607 trans-spectrum student at 918 unique 4-year institutions across the U.S.— the largest study of this population ever undertaken.

Via the white paper link, you can access a series of great infographics on experiences of campus climate, health, and academic outcomes. For instance, the very first component of the campus climate infographic reports that 38.1% of queer-spectrum-identifying first-year students feel unsafe on campus relative to 21.6% of heterosexual-identifying first-year students. The white paper alarmingly reports that only 1.88% of research articles include sexual orientation demographics and only 0.54% include gender identity demographics.

I hope you will all find some time in your busy schedules to review these materials and consider the unique wellbeing need of the LGBTQ students we serve.

If anyone else has related materials to share, we hope you will offer them!

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