2020 Wellbeing Assessment Data Preview – COVID-19 Comparison


Tamara McLaughlin May 4, 2020
Posted in group: Wellbeing Collaborative

Hi Everyone,

The Wellbeing Assessment Spring 2020 Administration closed last week and we wanted to share a handful of preliminary findings with you. Our administration was in full swing when COVID-19 hit, giving us the opportunity to compare responses from students before and after the start of the pandemic, which we date from March 16, when colleges began transitioning to remote learning.

While many of the findings are unsurprising – with students reporting higher rates of anxiety, depression and isolation after the onset of the pandemic – they make a strong and compelling argument that providing mental health and wellbeing support to students is more critical than ever.


We hope this preview is helpful as you continue to advocate for wellbeing on your campuses and encourage you to share other resources that you’re finding useful with the group. And if you’re looking for a resource that you can’t find, pose it to the listserv so we can all benefit from the collective knowledge of our group.


Tamara McLaughlin
Wellbeing Assessment Team
Wake Forest University