A new model of teacher wellbeing

Brocato, Nicole May 10, 2019
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Happy Friday, everyone!

John Pryor, who consults with our project, recently sent me this Brookings Institution post on the importance of teacher wellbeing for student success. The post includes a model of wellbeing developed by Amy Roberts (a blog author) and the Buffett Early Childhood Institute.

Roberts & Buffett developed a thoughtful and thorough model of teacher wellbeing that accounts for environmental factors, something that is often neglected in our focus on improving people’s coping skills.
Here’s the model:

It was originally designed as a model for early childhood education, but–as the post says–it is relevant to teachers working with students of many ages. I think it may be relevant to higher education faculty as well.

For those of you in faculty positions or who know more about faculty’s experiences, we would love to hear your take on this model. Is it relevant to higher education? What works? What doesn’t? Are there other models of faculty wellbeing we should consider?

Looking forward to your thoughts!


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