APA report on stress and Generation Z

Brocato, Nicole Nov 16, 2018
Posted in group: Wellbeing Collaborative

Happy Friday, everyone!

The American Psychological Association just released a fascinating report on stress and Generation Z.

The report was based on a poll of about 4500 adolescents (15-17) and adults (18+) in July and August of this year. They included some great survey methods, such as oversampling for populations of color, conducting some polls in Spanish, and weighting the resulting data.

For me, one of the more fascinating findings was that Gen Z respondents said they were very stressed by social justice and safety concerns, but were the least likely to say they would vote in the midterms.

What in this report resonates with wellbeing work you are doing on your own campus? Did anything surprise you? How might that shift the work you’re doing?

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