Grad students need wellbeing supports too

Brocato, Nicole May 3, 2019
Posted in group: Wellbeing Collaborative

Happy Friday, everyone!
Tamara (on the Wellbeing Collaborative team) forwarded me this 2018 study summary of graduate student mental health a few weeks ago.
The study results are worrying:

41% of respondents showed moderate to severe anxiety and 39% moderate to severe depression, both of which are more than six times the prevalence found in studies of the general population

I’ve been very glad to see a growth in wellbeing supports for students over the last several years. Most of those supports seem to focus on programs for improving students’ coping skills.

Applying a socioecological framework to student wellbeing leads me to ask: is “fixing” students’ coping skills the only needed solution? What relational and environmental factors are contributing to students’ increased stress? What can we do to ameliorate those factors? Or are they “un-fixable”?

If you have any resources on graduate student mental health or socioecological supports for student wellbeing, I hope you’ll share them!


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