Loneliness is not just a problem for college undergrads, 10-19-18 post

Brocato, Nicole Oct 19, 2018
Posted in group: Wellbeing Collaborative

Hi, all:

I was asked not long ago if the alarming mental health data we’re seeing in surveys like the Wellbeing Assessment, Healthy Minds, and NCHA are particular to undergrads.

For loneliness, at least, it seems like the answer is no.

As we all know, positive social support networks are associated with everything from immediate mental health outcomes to longevity. They’re incredibly important for all areas of our life.

These troubling findings beg the question: How many of our faculty and staff are facing the same challenges we find in students? How can we support our faculty and staff so that they can be supports and models for our students? Given that our limited resources are often focused on direct student programming, are there low-cost, effective supports we could better employ for faculty and staff?

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