New ACE Brief about Investing in College Student Mental Health

Brocato, Nicole Apr 18, 2019
Posted in group: Wellbeing Collaborative

Our friends at ACE sent me the following announcement about a joint brief with The Healthy Minds Network, the brilliant folks who do a national survey of student mental health every year.

I’ve taken a quick peek at the brief, and it includes a lot of actionable information. For instance on page 3:

Yet, low GPA alone would identify only 11 percent of students who would eventually drop out, while using low GPA and mental health problems would identify 30 percent of students who would withdraw.

I hope you’ll put this brief on your team’s reading list and maybe consider participating in Healthy Minds. It’s a great complement to the Wellbeing Assessment, NCHA, the Thriving Quotient, CIRP, NSSE, and other large-scale assessment instruments you already use.

Here’s ACE’s message and link to the brief:

ACE has released a new brief authored by the researchers at The Healthy Minds Network: Investing in Student Mental Health: Opportunities & Benefits for College Leadership. It is available here:

The brief outlines research that supports how investing in mental health can positively impact the institution and the students. It also includes a link to the Return on Investment calculator. Additionally, the brief highlights exemplar presidents who are doing great work supporting student mental health.

Please feel free to share with your networks.

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