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Brocato, Nicole May 24, 2019
Posted in group: Wellbeing Collaborative

Hi, everyone:
Between the hectic ending of the semester and–around here, at least–the onset of large summer projects, now seems like a good time to share some self-care resources.As we’ve discussed in previous emails, students learn from us, and the wellbeing we bring to the workplace affects the wellbeing of our peers and our students. Today I’m sending you three self-care resources: an online class, some practical advice, and something to life your spirits.

The first is an online self-care course offered by NASPA, which was shared with us by our friend Jasmine Cuffie at Pratt Institute. The course is 5 weeks long, and each week covers a new topic: resilience, optimism & positive emotions, mindset & strengths, engagement & connection, and gratitude & mindfulness. It looks like a great class. If you participate, we’d love to hear about what you learned!

I don’t know about you, but very often the directive to “practice more self-care” sounds like one more complicated thing to squeeze into my overcrowded days. The second self-care resource comes from an older Entrepreneur article on time urgency, and it reminds us that self-care can be as simple as slowing down for moment. You know when you’re rushing to get a lot of stuff done because you’re running out of time and EVERYTHING is IMPORTANT? That’s time urgency, and it leads to mistakes, poor judgment calls, and damaged relationships. So let’s all take the pressure off ourselves and everyone else by slowing down a bit.

Finally, some awesomely wonderful good news. I’m sure many of you heard that Robert F. Smith announced during his commencement speech to Morehouse College that he would pay off the graduating seniors’ student loans. The story gets better. Not content with being recipients of once-in-a-lifetime generosity, the students are already thinking about how they can pay it forward. Why? Because they value their educations so much they can’t think of a better gift to receive. Not only do we get to share in the generosity and joy of this story, we get to be grateful that we are part of a life-changing field. Congratulations to Mr. Smith and the students, and thank you for sharing your wonderful news!

Happy weekend, everyone! If you have more self-care resources, we’d all love to learn about them!

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