Seligman Article on Subjective Wellbeing

Brocato, Nicole Apr 13, 2018
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Happy Friday, everyone!

I thought I would get this listserv kicked off with a new article from Martin Seligman about subjective wellbeing as a final common path of (what we here at the Wellbeing Assessment call) dimensions of wellbeing.

The article is open access through The Journal of Positive Psychology.

As you will see in the article, not everyone agrees that there are benefits to identifying dimensions of wellbeing outside of subjective wellbeing. I’m obviously inclined to agree with Seligman, but I also obviously have a particular and invested viewpoint about that!

I hope you have a chance to enjoy the article and the debate it highlights.

A few of you have sent questions our way that I hope you will soon post to this listserv. There have been some great ones lately about measures for assessing pre-post exposure to short-term programming, measures for non-undergrads, and sources for data mining. I have a few to send out myself in the coming weeks. As this listserv turns up good resources, we’ll get them posted to our website.

Best & looking forward to hearing from everyone!


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