Use Existing Data

We have lots of data! We believe that the best way to make progress in the field of wellbeing research is to conduct that research collaboratively and from multiple viewpoints. We are happy to share data for new research or replication studies.

We do not typically release the entire data set for exploratory work. Given the large number of research projects conducted with this data, data requests must include specific research questions, data analysis plans, and other details in advance, so that we can coordinate projects and avoid redundancy. And of course, any projects that have generalizable research purposes will also require pre-approval from your IRB. You can view available variables here.

To initiate a project, please this data request form which covers many more details. At this time, we have a significant backlog of data requests and a wait time of at least 4 months. We strongly suggest that you contact us first about your data request before you take the time to review the available variables and submit the form.

To learn more about available data, contact Dr. Nicole Brocato.