The Wellbeing Assessment

The Wellbeing Assessment is a measure of wellbeing we deploy annually as a large-scale, national survey.  Developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers and program staff at Wake Forest University, it is designed to help university offices and staff develop targeted, effective, and evidence-informed programming to support student wellbeing. The Assessment is unique in several respects:

  • It was developed to account for the unique development needs and linguistic patterns of undergraduate students in early adulthood.
  • It evaluates both (a) whether students are well and (b) whether students have the pathways–skills, resources, and conditions–they need to be well. The identification of pathways provides feedback on specific areas where students may be lacking skills and resources that could be addressed by programming.
  • The Wellbeing Assessment provides students with feedback about their answers. This feedback is designed to give them immediate tools for improving their wellbeing and make the survey experience more engaging for them.

More detailed information about the development of the measure can be found in the sidebar menu.